Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Adventures of SHOWERHEAD!


When we first meet him, Showerhead is unaware of his hidden potential.  Like any other super hero, shower head thinks he’s just a normal, dumb, boring asshole.

Showerheads girlfriend walks in.

“Hey asshole, make me breakfast loser.”

“Ok.” He says with an odd excitement to please her.

Showerhead makes his girlfriend breakfast, not knowing that he has the ability to not do that.

“Here you go, do you like it?”

“It’s ok pussy.”

“Now go to work and make money so you can buy me shit.”

Showerhead’s girlfriend says as she sits on the couch wearing sweatpants.

Showerhead goes to work. On the way to work, someone almost runs him over on his bike.

“Watch out nerd!”

A football player yells out of the window of his truck.

An old lady standing on the street corner laughs, “That guy is such a pussy.”

Showerhead's real name is Jim, but no one cares and we will continue to call him Showerhead as at some point in the story he will realize the hidden potential that will be revealed to him in the shower. Unfortunately Showerhead is kind of slow and it takes him quite some time before he discovers his special gift.

For now, we can enjoy how poorly everyone treats him.
Showerhead walks into work, he works at an electronics superstore.

“Hey bitch! Get me those speakers for my car!”

Some fat guy said.

Jim, that is, soon to be Showerhead pulls the speakers off the top shelf and accidently drops them. Of course it is likely that he subconsciously dropped them on purpose as they are the last of their kind on the shelf.

But no, it is not his time, he is just a clumsy asshole.

Showerhead hangs his head in shame as everyone in the store circles around in order to laugh at him.

"You’re fired! His boss said."


Showerhead walks home as someone stole his bike.

There is a note where the bike was.

“Hey loser, your bike sucks but I wanted to steal it because you suck.”

“Wow, people really don’t like me.”

Showerhead is really feeling down now.

I’m going to go home and take a shower.

A little light bulb appears above showerheads head.

But it turns out it was just a street light turning on.

Showerhead is now in the shower.

“Hey, I deserve respect. I don’t think people should talk to me the way they do.”

Then Showerhead looks up and realizes that he feels very confident in the shower.
I know what I’ll do.

Showerhead removes the showerhead from the shower and heads to the basement.

“Where do you think you’re going, give me an orgasm loser.”

Showerhead's girlfriend is very unattractive.

Showerhead holds the showerhead over his head.

“NO!” he says confidently.

“Well, maybe later.”

But that is only because he is horny.

Showerhead's girlfriend has a baffled look on her face, baffled, but aroused.

Zoom to armpit stains.

Showerhead spends an hour in his basement trying to get his showerhead on but is really confused.

Then, from the darkness appears, “SHOWERHEAD!”