Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Don't Sext and Drive (one more attempt at calling attention to a broken political system)

I think the most powerful human instinct is that which is prone to violence.

I'm not saying that our other impulses are not strong, e.g., love and kindness and all that pussy shit.

But fighting, that's an impulse that we all share.

We love it!

It's not really a bad thing, it's just there so we can wrestle alligators. 

We even tell children to fight. "Stand up for yourself Timmy. You don't want to be nobody's bitch."

You know what would happen if children were taught not to stand up for themselves?


Nothing would happen.

Of course they might end up becoming a corporate lawyer and contribute to the horrible situation the world is in when it comes to economics and all that we know about that which is nothing because, what the fuck?

If it makes you feel better you can tell them to believe in god and that they can be peaceful because that is what god wants, peace and love and unity and those who don't accept his message will have a hot iron shoved up their ass for a long time and even when they cry uncle, or uncle Jesus or uncle god, they will have more pain to endure because they liked violence while they were here on earth because they were  a shitty shithead.

So yeah, we should just admit we like fighting and stop pretending everything we do is for some noble purpose. Yes, that guy cut you off and yes he most likely is a cock sucker so honk away but remember, you will probably cut someone else off later in the day and then you'll have to live with what you have done.

But hey, nobody's perfect.

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