Saturday, September 28, 2013

"For those Ten Seconds, I'm Free"- Vin Diesel

The other day when I was riding my skateboard, something very typical happened. I started getting anxious about the prospect that I might not be able to perform a certain maneuver that was very important to me. Also, I was scared because skateboarding causes pain and as we all know, "boys don't cry." Well, grown men trying to keep their childhood on a continuous life loop don't cry, or at least it's looked down upon.

Because I have seen a lot of movies and television shows, the image of a skinny, bald, Gandhi type came to my mind. Obviously those guys know how to handle shit because they set themselves on fire when they get upset.

I figure if some dude can set himself on fire because the government won't allow Miley Cyrus to perform her, "wrecking ball" routine at the local temple, I could at least siphon enough calmness out of a posture that they probably use when they stub their toe.

The funny thing is, I knew that it would help. I put my hands together in some quasi Hindu hand gesture prayer pose thing, told myself I was meditating, closed my eyes, hummed a little and entered into what could only be described as Nirvana (like, Smells Like Teen Spirit was playing in the background).

And I didn't do it out of a joke, or mockery. Nope. That was some authentic American incorporated Eastern style meditation.

That is what I love about being an American. We get all the good stuff from other cultures we really don't care anything about.

I doubt they care though. I mean, those guys are sitting there, being deep, having peace and becoming better people all day.

I mean, I kind of feel bad incorporating another culture's thousands of years of tradition into my own selfish, me only, take what I can get at the expense of everyone else so I can pretend I am a fulfilled person while neglecting the more important parts of their philosophy that consist of doing things for other people out of a good motivation.

Kind of.

What really makes me mad is that yesterday this guy who was in line behind me in the Taqueria called in his order making the cashier stop what they were doing and essentially take his order first.

So yeah, this guy cut in front of me by using his, "smart phone." He had a smug look on his face too, like he was so great for figuring out you could cut in front of people by calling in your order while you are in line.

I did not meditate though, I wanted to be mad.