Wednesday, September 18, 2013

If You're not Upset, You're not Paying Wholesale

I recently overheard someone say, "most people something something, yeah, I'm cool...." I don't understand what that means. There are 7 billion people on this planet, so there is not that much anyone can say about most people, other than, "most people have dna." You can't even say that most people eat, because they don't. Well, maybe most people do.

See how hard that was?

So why do people say things like, "most people don't understand the finer points of putting gel in your hair then messing it up and going out in public like you just woke up because you like, don't even care."

Because they are dickheads.

Anyone who uses the expression, "most people" with the exception of basic human functions is a dickhead.

Most people want to pretend the world is a simple place where the only important things are those which effect them. Oh wait, is that true? How the hell could I know?

I couldn't. But, I have an idea that many people fit that description. At least people who use the expression, "most people" when discussing how great they are. It must be nice to believe that when you do something right, most people do it wrong.

Now, I do believe that most people are pretty retarded. But I also believe that I am pretty retarded.

That raises the question though, am I as retarded as most people?

This is starting to get tricky.

I'll illustrate.

Yesterday I ran into an old friend. He seemed really cool. Also, we had a lot in common. I thought we were having a great time. Then all of the sudden, he had to go.

Then I realized that I was being interviewed for a potential friendship. I thought we were just having pizza. I then wondered if I did that to people. Then I realized that I don't want friends.

Well, it's not that I don't want friends, it's just that I am really busy with my IT software engineering job in finance. So, I have to be selective with the people I spend time. It's not like you can just hang out with people because you get along really well and make each other laugh. You have to associate yourself with those people who will benefit your career ambitions. I know that sounds harsh, but it's a competitive world and sometimes you have to make sacrifices, even if that means not having meaningful relationships and having to settle for people that are nice to you because they believe that you will help them in some way.

It's ok though, you can always marry another career minded person who will read books with you that tell you how to make it seem like you are an emotionally supportive person even though you're both a couple of dickheads.

I mean, most people do that anyway. 

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