Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It's Global Warming People, Stop Wasting all that Ice

The Ice bucket challenge has really encouraged me. 

It made me realize that even though the only reason most of us will ever do any type of good deed is so we can make a video doing something uninteresting yet quasi self sacrificial with the primary effect being an inflation of our sense of self with a rationalization akin to preaching salvation to dying baby seals. 

People have argued that even though it appears that they are attention seeking whores in actuality they are offended by that kind of attitude because what we are talking about is a good cause and we all believe in good causes. 

And it is a good cause. 

That’s why Bill Gates is such a huge piece of shit. As well as other rich people, also, the rest of us. 

We know that there are things we can do and we believe that we should.
But we don’t. 

People like Bill Gates will donate huge sums of money to very worthy causes. Acknowledging that there is a tremendous need. Yet, he still keeps the majority of his 70 billion dollars a year income. 

So why do people venerate him? And why do we congratulate ourselves for donating ten bucks when we could easily do more? 

It’s like there is some secret code language that our egos speak to one another. A sort of anti feel bad about ourselves cut off switch. 

We all want to feel that we are good people but true sacrifice is not in our nature. 

Maybe it’s a defense mechanism. We don’t want to feel bad so we selectively ignore our apathy while taking pride in any thing we do that might seem nice no matter how sparse. 

I wish that worked the other way around. 

For all of the aggressive drivers and people who cut in line at the grocery store when they have a huge basket of organic, healthy liberal pretense food when I have candy bar that I desperately need to inhale, I wish I could ignore all of them in favor of the friendly smile I got from a passerby. Or the nice driver who actually let me switch lanes in order to get to the exit I needed instead of ignoring my turn signal even though they are 50 feet behind me in the right lane and continue to speed up in order to almost run into me and give them the opportunity to pretend that my intent was to ram their car and allow them the righteous feeling of indignation which grants them the right to flip me off and call me a piece of shit just so I can go home and watch some famous celebrity talk about a disease that they had until recently never heard of in order to draw attention to their waning career. 

Now if we can only pee our pants for hunger.

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