Thursday, August 21, 2014

Justice is Blind, just not Color Blind

Growing up skateboarding frequently brought trouble from the frisk happy five O.

When you are a skateboarder the cops will fuck with you, a lot.

They will ridicule you, even sometimes touch your genitals.

Luckily for me I never got murdered because my skateboard is totally bitchin.

Although one time a cop did pull his gun out but that is because I was in a van with a Filipino and some Mexicans, oh and my wife who is of questionable skin tone.

I know what you're thinking, should've been in an RAV4 with Scandinavians.

So yeah, my bad.

It's kind of like how black people have to tell their children how to hopefully not get shot by the police even if they are already not doing anything to warrant it.

It's like that but for white people.

Fortunately for white people the only thing their parents had to say was, "just remember to be white today."

Unfortunately for black people, their parents have to tell them, "just say, 'yes sah, no sah'."

I guess it's a tradition really and nobody should ever go against tradition.

Except maybe we can this one time go against the tradition that goes, "well, I'm not black and I don't really care about what happens to other people because I already feel that I am in this tenuous position in society where I am not totally sure of my status and in some ways am grateful because there are other groups of people that are treated worse than I am based on their ethnic heritage and maybe if there is a scapegoat, society will let me slide by without incident and I know that even if things aren't going exactly as I planned there are those who have it worse and will always have it worse as long as I keep my mouth shut even though if I think about it I do feel guilty about the privileges bestowed upon me."

Plus, most of us don't care that children make our clothes.

So yeah, that last part is unrelated but really it's not. We are very good at laying our brains to rest in a warm North Face down sleeping bag when it comes to getting what we want, which is to live comfortably and spend most of our time trying to get people to think that we are awesome and expensive puffy jackets.

So am I saying we should feel bad?

Yes, that's what I'm saying. 

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