Thursday, June 20, 2013


It seems that I had something to say based on the weird title, but this space was blank.

 I don't know why it was blank, it just was. In retrospect, I kind of liked the title so I thought I would try to write something about it. It sounds like I was trying to say that there are effects of commercials that are redundant and can be found in society. Maybe that was more true in the 80s and 90s, I don't know, maybe the 50s, but it might be possible now. I just don't really watch commercials any more.

It seemed like when I was a kid commercials played a bigger part in the development of a universal American culture.  Now we have the internet.  The internet has really screwed up our ability as a people to connect emotionally over marketing.  Although we are not united by a more homogenous culture as we once seemed to be, we are more influenced by marketing now than we ever were.

Marketing is and has been a reflection of who we are as well as a catalyst for creating change and cohesion in society.  I used to really hate advertising. Like, yesterday. But upon reflection, I am not sure that it matters. People like to buy stuff. And, people like to have an image. Marketing offers stuff and an identity of our choosing. Granted they are usually useless and superficial, but pretty much everything in life is useless and superficial. Like, war, government, religion and jobs.

Most people hate their jobs. They look to God to make them feel better. God tells them they are unhappy because of someone else and the government goes to war with them to distract us. That's pretty dumb too. But people take those things very seriously. I would rather wear a pair of headphones that somebody cool endorsed so I can feel important at my crappy job rather than go to war with some random country. Unfortunately the headphones were made by people in countries that we would probably go to war with if we weren't wearing the headphones that they had made. And they're not getting paid enough either.  So that kind of stinks.

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