Thursday, June 20, 2013

Review of tomatoes.

I like tomatoes, especially when they are juicy. I hate when they are white. Not the ones that are supposed to be white of course, those ones are good. Unless they are white like when the red ones are white. The problem with this situation is that even though technically they are supposed to be white, they taste like the red ones do when they are white.  I have been told by some people that the white ones, when they are white like the red ones are white when they are not red like they should be, do not taste any different than they do when they are white like the red ones are when they are red. I do not have enough experience to know the difference so I defer to their expertise.

(I find that when one is unsure of a given thing, that person, even though they have strong feelings concerning the thing, let's say, maybe, like, science, they should admit that they have no idea what the hell they're talking about and make the rational choice, i.e., differ to the scientists. Of course not all scientists know what they are talking about either and are often led by human bias and a lack of objectivity, but, they are working within a system that gives objectivity and empirical evidence special reverence.) 

This is why I typically stick with red tomatoes. Red tomatoes are good, we can all agree on that. There are also green tomatoes, or so i have heard, and some other colors too, but who has the time? I think people like to make things up, especially when it comes to tomatoes. People just make things up in general, because they are unhappy. I make things up because making things up makes me happy. I have not however spoken any untruth, or partial truth, or half truth concerning tomatoes. 

That would not make sense. 

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