Sunday, June 30, 2013

Backing, not backing.

Billy Graham is old. But he is still alive. Apparently God does not want him, but pretty soon I guess he'll have to take him because he has been a "good and faithful servant".  I used to think Billy Graham was tite. I used to "back him".  I do not back him anymore and I do not believe in using the expression "backing it".

I do not back it is what I am saying.

I think some people can use the expression, "backing it". Like people who have a "stake" in something. If you have a stake in something you are in effect, "backing it".

This does not apply to sports fans. You are not backing, "your team". You do not have a stake in whether "we win" or not.  Unless you are betting on the game, but that's not exactly what I'm talking about.

So you can not say you are backing your sports team.

If you sell t shirts that have your favorite team on them, then you can back those. That's because you have to "stand by" them.

Standing by things is important. People don't stand by things any more.

Even proffesional people are backing away from standing by stuff. I went to a car dealership the other day and I asked if the car had a good warranty, the salesman said, "I back it". Then he tried to give me a fist bump.

The worst part was that I gave him a fist bump out of habit.

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