Friday, July 5, 2013

From Zero to Hero, to some guy

My best friend when I was a kid was really good at skateboarding. He was also really funny. He also was cool. I looked up to him. Not enough to make all of the bad choices he did, but that's because I'm a chicken.

But we skated a lot. On halloween of the first year of my riding of a skateboard, me and a group of super happy white, black, mexican, philipino and black philipino kids skated all over the place getting candy and falling really hard on rough ground.

Nothing spectacular happened that night. It is just a really fun memory.

We used to skate to school every morning. We were in junior high.

There were at least 20 of us every morning. We would meet at Safeway. I remember some guy had a moped. He was also in Junior High. He would pull us around on his moped. We would try to get as many of us towed behind him as possible.

I would love to see some video of this. We didn't have cameras though, we just did it for the love. I mean, we would have filmed it though.

But we did what you should do when you're in Junior High.

I also remember having mustard on my pants in six grade and I felt embarassed.

That was before I got a skateboard.

Once I got a skateboard I did not get embarased again.

Not until high school at least.

But junior high was the highlight of my life. I think that was the only time in my life that I was on top of my game. I won a pogo stick contest, wasn't hung up on some dumb girl, we even had a 17 year old friend who drove us around is his yellow bug.

So yeah, junior high was bad ass.

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