Friday, July 5, 2013

Smart Fart

"People are stupid."

I read that on a bumper sticker today.

Their other bumper sticker said, "I voted for change and all I got was healthcare reform."

The lady driving the car seemed happy enough. She smiled and drove off. I pulled over, got out of my car and bought a milkshake. She had a prius, my car gets bad gas mileage. I almost felt bad about getting bad gas mileage, but I realized, her prius made up for my low mileage. Kind of like a yin/yang type thing.

Sometimes I get positive like that.

Then I saw two people arguing over a parking spot. It turned out one guy was facing the opposite direction but had been waiting to let the other guy pass. The guy who was passing had done something noteworthy, so he took the parking spot.

When I had finished my milkshake, I decided to go for a walk in which I ran into someone I know. Now, I don't know them well and I had never found them interesting. They told me about their day and how someone mistook them for a famous celebrity. They were annoyed because the famous celebrity does not perform the type of music they like, plus they wear silly hats.

After they walked away, a strange feeling came over me. I suddenly felt disgusted by humanity. I realized that no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't stand listening to people talk about themselves anymore. I'd like to say I felt bad about that, but I'm not sure if I did. I was also struck with fear, because I also like talking about myself, to myself.

Did that mean I was sick of listening to myself talk about myself? The answer was unfortunately clear, I have been getting on my own nerves for a very long time. My first instinct was to run back to the burger place and get another milkshake. But I knew that would only medicate the problem.

So I added fries to the order.

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