Friday, July 12, 2013

Lost in Strangulation

Today I hit my head on the ground.

Like, I jumped off of my skateboard onto my head.

Then, I got up.

I'm pretty sure I said something to the effect of, "did you see that?"

I don't remember saying those exact words but, it seems like something someone who just jumped onto their head skating down a hill would ask his friends.

Then I got back on my "axe" and wondered if I was going to have a headache later. I thought that I might, but what I was really hoping was that it would not turn out to be one of those concussions that kill you peacefully in your sleep.

Maybe tomorrow I will imagine that I was supposed to die because of the concussion, but since I had such a powerful determination to live, I was able to wake up.  It could be called, "A Triumph of the Human spirit."
Basically how movies typically emphasize a specific event in the characters lives.

This period of my life will also have a title. I think I will start titling all of the moderate to major events in my life. That way I can feel like I live in a movie and won't have to pay so much to watch other people's moderate to major events.

I would say that the one time when I switched Junior High Schools was that time. It was called, "what the hell am I doing in this school?"

Speaking of having a whole new lease on life. How many new leases can you get? I've pretty much only had one, and now even though I still have some of that lease left, I can appreciate the idea of a new, new lease on life. I hope you can't build up a tolerance on new leases on life. That would be rough. Like, what if you could have a new lease on life and just sit on the couch staring at your fat belly wishing you had kettle corn? 

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